[English follows Japanese]

天然のいけす。富山湾はそう呼ばれ、立山連峰から流れてきた栄養たっぷりの水は水深1000メートルという深い海へゆきます。 その海で育った魚の美味しさについては、言うまでもありません。





-TEDxHimi post-event party is currently being prepared-

They say that vegetables grown in deep snow during the cold season in Toyama increase and accumulate their sugar content to prevent becoming frozen.

Toyama bay is known as “Ikesu”, or a natural fish-tank. Nutritious water flowing from Tateyama mountain range goes to a depth of 1000 meters in the sea. Needless to say, the fish are especially delicious.

Vegetables grown with the kind of tender care we use to raise our kids, extremely fresh fish without any processing, local woodland food and its culture… You can’t help but feel nostalgic with these attractive local foods. They make us feel warm and happy.

You will be served lots of Toyama’s local food in the TEDxHimi’s lunchbox, including sweets and dishes at the post event party following the event. We would like you to experience the special foods of Toyama & Himi by making full use of your sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

All sessions are connected, from the opening ceremony to the post event party.

Please give our event your attention!